How It All Began

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A long, long time ago…well, not that long ago…I developed this insatiable taste of wanderlust. My husband and I met in 2014 and immediately fell in love with traveling together. After traveling to Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic the year before we were married, of course, we made it a competition to see as many places we could in a year. For our honeymoon, we traveled to Italy, 2 months later to Ireland, and then 2 months after that…the place that changed my life as I knew it: Thailand. How can anyone ignore the beauty of Thailand in all the pictures floating on Pinterest and Facebook travel pages? We wanted to experience those images and feelings in real life, and obviously riding an elephant was on the ol’ bucket list.

I began to research elephant trekking and unknowingly stumbled across the negative truths behind it. I knew I didn’t want to support such horrific treatment of the matriarchs, so I dug a little deeper and found an eco-tour that provided ethical treatment to them. Chai Lai Orchid.  I watched a video produced for Chai Lai and had instant tears. I HAD to go there. I needed to do something. Not just for the elephants, but for the women I saw in this video.

You see, Chai Lai Orchid doesn’t just provide ethical treatment to animals. They provide ethical treatment to human beings. Victims. Men and Women who have suffered their entire lives from inequality just because of where they were born. Human Trafficking. Poverty. All the things you don’t see in those gorgeous pictures of Thailand on the internet.

So, we went to Chai Lai. My life was instantly changed. I met the most beautiful people with the most beautiful souls. They had NOTHING but they had everything.We came home and I felt a void. I left part of my heart in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So I sat, and I thought, and I meditated. Something had to be done. After researching human trafficking, the “whys” behind it, poverty, and economic crisis in other countries, I knew that Ethically Sound Co. was that “something” that had to be done.



My plan went a little something like this: 1. Source Fair Trade Products 2. Provide a better life and opportunity for those creating said products 3. Sell Fair Trade Products 4. Donate a portion of proceeds back to organizations that help combat human trafficking and provide a better life and opportunity for victims.

Ethically Sound Co. was born.

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