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Chiang Mai, Thailand. Where the seed that has grown into Ethically Sound Co. was initially planted. AND also happens to be the location of one of our favorite vendors that we have the pleasure of working with. So, can we just take a second to brag on how awesome E.L. is?

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Everything about Ethnic Lanna screams ESCO.

ethnic lanna hand-embroidered jean jackethelping children infected with HIV live normal and fulfilling livesFrom their message, to their style…we dig it all. Ethnic Lanna is a fair-trade company that not only provides employment and sustainability to the hill tribes of Southeast Asia, but the products preserve the culture that come with their artisans. The Ethnic Lanna Workshop is comprised of a team of more than 15 women that design and manufacture the gorgeous handbags and products that we are fortunate enough to share with you on our site! What we love about Ethnic Lanna is their passion to preserve the culture of Thailand through the process of Fair Trade! The Ethnic Lanna Helps foundation also focuses on fundraising and coordinating volunteers to help Hill Tribe communities in and around Chiang Mai by doing things like:

  • provide funding that was recently cut to the Karen communities and their schools so that their children may continue to receive what every child deserves: an education.
  • Provide opportunities for the impoverished hill tribe communities on the border of Burma and Laos who are often denied support from the government and discriminated against.
  • Taking action to help save endangered Asian elephants (which have declined in population by 50% since 1986) by providing funding for an ethical elephant sanctuary.
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The list goes on…but I think you get the picture. So, you can see why they are one of ESCO’s M.V.P’s. If you’re interested learning more about Ethnic Lanna or any of their causes, go to www.ethniclannahelps.com.

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