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I always like to have a trip on the horizon. Life is WAY too short to be stuck in the same place for extended periods of time…and by extended periods I mean more than a few months. I get that itch that needs scratching right around that timeframe. That being said, we always have a trip planned a few months out. People say “You’re so lucky! I wish I could travel..but…” and usually that is followed with “I don’t have the money.” So, I eagerly tell them about how easy it is to travel and see the world…on a budget! But, let’s save that topic for another blog. Back to the real topic here: Where to next?


 Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Man that sounds dangerous, are you sure you want to go there?” The answer is yes. “But Kelsey, aren’t there drug cartels and other super dangerous things there?” The answer is still yes. BUT, there are sooooo many other awesome things in Colombia as well. For instance, next to Brazil (which is 10 times the size of Colombia), it is THE MOST megadiverse place in the world. There are only 17 megadiverse countries in the world, and to be considered megadiverse each country must have at least 5,000 species of endemic plants and border marine ecosystems. You guys, 5,000 species of endemic plants. That means that each one of those plants is ONLY found in that place. Nowhere else. How cool is that?!

Another fun fact: Colombia has pink dolphins. Yes. You read that right. PINK. DOLPHINS. They are called the ‘Amazon River Dolphin’. Picture a hairless cat…that swims in the river.

Despite all this awesomeness; however, Colombia has had their struggles. In fact, they’ve been involved in internal armed conflict for over 50 years. And since over half of the population is under the ager of 25, that means most Colombians have never lived in a country at peace. Thankfully, this war is slowly but surely coming to an end and the poverty rate has declined tremendously (by over 6 million people) as of 2014. This is such an exciting time for the people of Colombia! History is being made right this second. So, why wouldn’t anybody want to visit?

I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home!

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